Atletico’s new stadium: closed the compression ring (NEWS)

In December the hoisting of the stadium cover will be carried out. 25,000 members have already chosen their site in the new Atleti house.

EI Atlético has already closed the compression ring on the roof of its new stadium. Now it is necessary to complete the traction ring, so that next December will proceed to the hoisting of the deck, an important moment for the Athletic sports venue. Later it will have to be covered with material all that ring that will protect the fans of the sun, rain, wind … But the first big step is given and the compression ring has already closed. Various data show the depth of this great work.

The compression ring is covered by 32 modules and each of them has a height of nine meters. The weight of each one is 135 tons. The modules are manufactured in A Coruña and the company Horta Coslada. The material of which each of the modules are realized is: Steel quality s 355.

The club knows that the deck is the most striking of its new stadium and what the fans are most set. But the club continues working in other aspects less showy and more interior. Atletico is carrying out everything related to air conditioning, luminaires, elevators, interior coating … That is, in everything that is the interior installation of the stadium.
In addition, the work of floors of all the galleries of circulation of the new stadium, as well as the VIP areas of the sports hall are being finished.