Wales vs Azerbaijan Soccer Betting Tips 06/09/2019

Regardless of whether you have a group of five or six in the European Championship Qualification, the top two finishers have the ticket for the upcoming European Championship in their pockets. There is an extremely exciting situation in Group E, with as many as four of the five teams claiming to be one of the top two.

Wales vs Azerbaijan Soccer Betting Tips

With only one win from three games, the 2016 European Championship semi-finalists Wales are already facing the wall. On Friday evening, Wales is in the bottom of Azerbaijan – and a win for Bale & Co. is a must.
Azerbaijan are the only team in Group E who can not figure out any realistic chances to play in the European Championship. In the first three qualifiers Azerbaijan suffered three defeats and should everything go the normal way, there will be the fourth defeat in Cardiff on Friday night.

The favorite role is clearly located in the home side. Accordingly, it is not surprising that in the game between Wales and Azerbaijan the odds for the victory are below 1.30.

Wales – Statistics & Current Form

At the last European Championship, Wales impressed with great passion and a towering Gareth Bale. Since then, however, the shape curve of the red dragon is clearly down. The World Cup last year was missed in third place in qualifying, the Nations League finished Wales with two wins and two defeats in second place behind Denmark.

With that, Wales have to finish Group E either in first or second place to be back at the European Championships next year. Since January 2018, a true legend has been responsible for the sporting success of Wales. Ryan Giggs took over the national team of his homeland.

His previous record reads with five wins, a draw and already seven defeats still negative. Striking is the away weakness, because only one of the last six outings could Wales decide for themselves.

In the current qualification, there was a home win against Slovakia at the start, before there were two losses in both Croatia and Hungary in the June double. With a point loss at home against Azerbaijan, one would have to say goodbye to the European Championship ticket.

Wales will continue to have an absolute star on the world stage with Gareth Bale, but Ben Davis, Harry Wilson and the late striker Daniel James are also well-known players away from the Real Legionnaire. Aaron Ramsey and Daniel Brooks are still missing due to injuries.

Although the Red Dragons have lost three of their last six home games, Wales are considered extremely home strong. This strength, coupled with Azerbaijan’s poor performance, leaves us with little doubt that between Wales and Azerbaijan, the favorite win rating is the only realistic option on the three-way market.

Expected lineup of Wales:
➠ Hennessey – Davies, Lawrence, Williams, Gunter – Ampadu, Allen – Wilson, Lawrence, Bale – James

Last matches of Wales:

⚽️ 11.06.2019 – Hungary vs. Wales 1: 0 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 08.06.2019 – Croatia vs. Wales 2: 1 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 24.03.2019 – Wales vs. Slovakia 1: 0 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 20.03.2019 – Wales vs. Trinidad and Tobago 1-0 (friendly)
⚽️ 20.11.2018 – Albania Vs. Wales 1: 0 (friendly)

Azerbaijan – Statistics & Current Form

The UEFA Nations League should also give smaller teams the chance to win an EM ticket. Prerequisite would have been the group victory; however, Azerbaijan missed this in League D, however. With nine points from six games, Azerbaijan took second place behind Kosovo. The chance for the EM ticket over the Nations League is therefore no longer intact.

In the difficult Group E of the European Championship qualifiers, Azerbaijan has not experienced any success so far. The team of head coach Nikola Jurcevic has yet to get a point. Surprisingly, looking at the results is certainly the fact that the underdog has met in all three previous qualifiers. Even against runner-up Croatia managed the blatant underdog a goal.

If on Friday between Wales and Azerbaijan the tip on both teams to score are correct, attract high and lucrative odds. Six players in the Azerbaijani squad earn their money abroad. In a top league, however, not a single player is active. For example, Rufat Dadashov plays in Germany, but only in Preußen Münster in the third division.

Qualitatively, Azerbaijan has no chance. However, the Jurcevic-Elf is a team that plays very aggressively and tries to gain respect over the duels. Despite the qualities available, they are not only in the back and hopes for a goalless draw, but the games have also shown that the underdog is quite willing to play football.

The team has nothing left to lose and can already watch these games in preparation for the upcoming tasks. After 2018, with only three defeats in twelve matches, the year was quite positive, there were three defeats and a goalless draw this year.

Expected formation of Azerbaijan:
➠ Agayev – Rahimov, Huseynov, Krivotsyuk, Medvedev – Eyubov, Qarayev, Richard – Ramazanov, Sheydaev, Abdullayev

Last matches from Azerbaijan:

⚽️ 11.06.2019 – Azerbaijan vs. Slovakia 1: 5 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 08.06.2019 – Azerbaijan vs. Hungary 1: 3 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 25.03.2019 – Azerbaijan vs. Lithuania 0: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 21.03.2019 – Croatia vs. Azerbaijan 2: 1 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 20.11.2018 – Kosovo vs. Azerbaijan 4: 0 (Nations League)

Wales vs Azerbaijan Direct Comparison

Only once did the Welsh football team stumble against Azerbaijan. During qualifying for the 2006 World Cup in Germany Wales had to settle for a 1-1 draw in Azerbaijan.

The five remaining duels Wales could all decide for themselves. This goal has been Azerbaijan’s only goal against Wales so far. In the five defeats the outsider could not celebrate a goal.

Wales vs Azerbaijan Our Best Soccer Tips Explained

Four teams fight in Group E for the two tickets for the upcoming European Championship. The red dragons from Wales, who have to return to winning ways after two defeats in June, have already come under pressure.

The home-strong Elf of head coach Ryan Giggs needs on Friday evening by all means a full victory against bottom club Azerbaijan. However, in the game between Wales and Azerbaijan only odds below 1.30 are offered for the home win.

Key Facts – Wales vs Azerbaijan Tips

🔴 Wales with his back to the wall – after the two away defeats a victory must come from
🔴 Wales has won five out of the six meetings
🔴 In all three defeats, the underdog at least scored a goal.

These odds are not particularly lucrative. Accordingly, alternatives are needed to find the right bet in this rather unequal duel. The home side are relatively strong and we expect Bale & Co. to set the course for victory early on.

Therefore, between Wales and Azerbaijan we recommend the tip at half time / final score 1/1. As a bet, we use six units for this tip.

Betting Tips: Wales (1/1)
Odds: 1.80