Russia vs Kazakhstan Soccer Betting Tips 09/09/2019

Being host of a European Championship or World Cup is a great honor and challenge for a country at the same time. It is also a chance, which is good to see at the 2006 World Cup of Germans. The third place in the summer fairy tale was the starting signal for the golden generation, which won the 2014 World Cup title in Brazil.

Russia vs Kazakhstan Soccer Betting Tips

For the Euro next summer, there are quite a lot of hosts or the whole of Europe is hosting. For the first time, the tournament does not take place in a special country for the first time, but rather spreads across the entire continent.

The last host of a major event wants to be part of the event: Russia. The largest country in the world in terms of area could also use the World Cup in the home with the entry into the quarter-finals, to trigger a small football boom. It looks like the ticket for the European Championship can be solved without any problems. The starting position in Group I is very clear.
At the top, the Belgians are pulling their circles without losing points. Behind them, the Russians are in a safe second place. A 2-1 away win in Scotland has made a kind of preliminary decision, which would be even clearer if Stanislav Salchowitsch Chertschessow’s side were relegated on Monday and clinched the clear victory against Kazakhstan.

The guests are currently third and could be distanced to eight points. It is all done for a home win and between Russia and Kazakhstan, the odds for a tip on the winner speak a clear language. A 1.18 for a host’s success shows how clear the home side’s favorites are.

Russia – Statistics & Current Form

The loss to the opening match against the World Cup third Belgium was calculated and could be coped with by the Russians, Since then, it runs in the qualifier as lubricated. Four victories followed against Kazakhstan, San Marino, Cyprus and Scotland. With just one goal in the four games, the defense was a real guarantee of success. But offensively it runs 17 matches in the five matches really round.

Top scorer is Artem Dzyuba of Zenit St. Petersburg. The 31-year-old met four times alone against the football dwarf San Marino. Also on Friday he was successful in the important away game in Scotland. He marked the important draw just before halftime, before O’Donnell’s own goal secured the visitors’ threesome in the second half.

Thus, the opponent of the island is distant and with a home win against Kazakhstan, the ticket for the European Championship could almost be solved. At least a threesome in the second leg against San Marino is almost certain. Personally there is no reason for coach Stanislaw Salamovich Chertschessow to make many changes.

The time for experiments has not come yet. He and his team are serious about tackling the task in Kaliningrad. If Russia holds its ground against Kazakhstan, then a prediction in favor of the hosts is certain.

Basically, the favorite in this game can almost only stand a leg himself. The German fans, especially the followers of Schalke 04, know Roman Neustädter still well and are curious if the midfielder of Dynamo Moscow this time will be used.

Expected formation of Russia:
➠ Guilherme – Fernandes, Dzhukiya, Semyonov, Kudryashov – Zobnin, Ozdoev, Ionov – Golovin, Zhirkov, Dzyuba

Last matches of Russia:

⚽️ 06.09.2019 – Scotland vs Russia 1: 2 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 11.06.2019 – Russia vs Cyprus 1: 0 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 08.06.2019 – Russia vs. San Marino 9: 0 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 24.03.2019 – Kazakhstan vs. Russia 0: 4 (European Championship qualification)
⚽️ 21.03.2019 – Belgium vs. Russia 3: 1 (European Championship Qualification)

Kazakhstan – Statistics & Current Form

Kazakhstan is far from a real football dwarf, which was more than clear in the 4-0 win over San Marino. However, qualifying for a major tournament would still be a sensation for the Czech coach Bilek’s squad. Despite a promising third place currently the Kazakhs have rather bad cards.

On Monday already an away win in Russia from Kazakhstan ago, which is unlikely with double-digit odds on the part of the guests. The performance on Friday in Cyprus also does not give much hope. After an early opening goal by striker Aleksey Schetkin in the second minute, there was not much left on the Mediterranean island.

In the end, the Bilek protected had to be happy to take home another point with the 1-1 draw. Defensively, the idea was very neat and with eight goals conceded in the previous five qualifying matches you can hardly put up anything in the defense work.

The clearest defeat conceded the Kazakhs so far in the first leg against Russia. For the 0: 4 at home, the team would now like to return the favor. However, it is doubtful that the quality in the squad is enough to keep up with the Russians over 90 minutes. Even a point win would be a great success and a real surprise.

Expected formation of Kazakhstan:
➠ Nepogodov – Marochkin, Maliy, Yerlanov – Vorogovskiy, Tagybergen, Quat, Pertusukh, Suyumbayev – Shekinin, Islamkhan

Last matches of Kazakhstan:

⚽️ 06.09.2019 – Cyprus vs. Kazakhstan 1: 1 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 11.06.2019 – Kazakhstan vs. San Marino 4: 0 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 08.06.2019 – Belgium vs. Kazakhstan 3: 0 (European Championship qualification)
⚽️ 24.03.2019 – Kazakhstan vs. Russia 0: 4 (European Championship qualification)
⚽️ 21.03.2019 – Kazakhstan vs. Scotland 3: 0 (European Championship Qualification)

Russia vs Kazakhstan Direct Comparison

The direct comparison between Russia and Kazakhstan underscores the prediction in favor of the hosts once again. In the previous three games the Kazakhs have never won and remained completely without a goal. In two friendly matches, there was a goalless draw and a clear 6-0 for the Russians.

In addition there is the first leg from March, which went very clearly with 4: 0 to the favorites. Denis Cheryshev set the course for victory with a brace in halftime 1. Top attacker Dzyuba and an own goal increased the result after the break.

Russia vs Kazakhstan Our Best Betting Tips Explained

Between Russia and Kazakhstan many arguments speak for a tip on a clear home victory. The fans will push the favorites forward and after four wins in a row the mood in the Russian Fanlager is very good.

The form and self-confidence also fit in after the important threesome on Friday in Scotland. Purely from the playful quality, the hosts have advantages in all positions and should also show this on the pitch.

Key Facts – Russia vs Kazakhstan tips

🔎 Russia can make a preliminary decision in Group I with a home win
🔎 After the trip to Scotland, the hosts are in good shape and with a lot of confidence – in terms of quality they are clearly superior to the Kazakhs
🔎 The first leg in March won the World Cup host of 2018 4-0

The 4-0 draw from the first leg is the main reason why we are tackling the odds for a higher handicap (-2.5 goals) in this encounter between Russia and Kazakhstan. Anyone who wins so clearly away from home should also be able to do so at home.

The pure win rate is far too low to bet anyway and if the offensive of the Russians continues to act as well as in recent games, then a success with three or more goals lead absolutely in the range of the possible. The bet size is fixed with four units.

Bet Tip: 1 (-2.5)
Odds: 2.43