HIFK – Vaasa Sport – Betting Tips 09.01.2018

HIFK is strong at home
IFK Helsinki is the greatest at home and has only lost five out of 19 matches in the Helsinki Ice Hall. Unfortunately, it has been heavier on the runway, which means that one is found first in the eighth place in the table. Mostly, the defense game has impressed and it is actually the team that has released the fourth least goal in the whole series.
On Tuesday, Vaasa, the champion of the series, will receive. The fact that we get 1.52 in odds for the straight home win is completely unbelievable for me – considering how bad Vaasa is right now. However, Helsinki has not been in the best game at the end – you have only won two of the six most recently played games. Is it possible to change it on Tuesday night?

Vaasa does not have what it takes
It is the fourth year of Vaasa in the High State, and it was thought that this was the year to be established – but not. This year, it has been harder than ever and the game has been under all criticism. There have been nine matches after the regular season this season – on 39 games played. Thus, 23% of the matches have ended in profit. Then you understand how much jumbo this time is.
In fact, only one meeting has been won in the last two seasons against Helsinki. In addition, one has never won on the runway in the Helsinki Hall during these four seasons. A heavy sweat mentally – and it will not be easier to break that suite with five losses in the last six games.

Our Prediction: HIFK win @ 1.52