AC Fiorentina – Juventus – Due to the obligation of “old ladies” in the Champions League, this first match of the 24th Serie A Italian Serie A will be played on Friday evening, between 11th between Fiorentina and Juventus, which currently has a great 28 points advantage . In addition, guests from Turin are also in a great series of 10 wins, while adding that in the fall of the championship in their field they celebrated 1: 0 over the “violas”.

AC Fiorentina
Last but not least, Fiorentina made a 2-1 win over Juventus last year, so they are now secretly hoping to surprise the current champion, especially after having celebrated 2-1 at the top of Bologna last weekend. And so, coach Pioli’s coaches also broke three defeats and two rhymes, with one of those three defeats in the Lazio Cup, while losing to the championship at Sampdoria and at Verona’s home.
However, they have recovered very quickly from this great show, so now they are in a much better mood than the “old lady” from Turin, who for a few days expects to appear in the Champions League and just in that “violas” and see their biggest chance. Otherwise, Fiorentina came back to the sixth Sampdoria six times again, with only seven points of difference, while on the other hand having 14 points more than teams from the exit zone. Let’s say we do not have any problems with absenteeism right now.
Confident start of Fiorentina: Sportiello – Laurini, Pezzella, Astori, Biraghi – Benassi, Badelj, Veretout – Church, Simeone, Dias

Unlike their rivals from Florence, who have recently failed to score a few good results, the current Italian champions will host this first 24th round of Serie A after a series of 10 consecutive victories, out of which seven have won the championship and three in the Cup, where they are otherwise on the best path to be placed in another big finale. On the other hand, Series A continues to lead the “dead” race with the leading Scudetto NCO, as they have only a point less than them at this time.
That is why we believe that they will now be in Florence to do their best to reach the new triumph, no matter what we have already said it will be waiting for the first week of the eighth final of the Champions League final with English Tottenham next week. Otherwise, the coaches of Allegri had their 7-to-a-week defeat at Sassuola, but they were injured by Matuidio’s injuries, while on the list of injured players were the Howed and the Cuadrado and Dybala strikers.

Our Prediction: Juventus win @ 1.88