Betting Tips Germany vs Peru 9/09/2018

Germany vs Peru Free Betting Tips

Germany against Peru – this is also a duel of the disappointed. Who will be able to make a better start to the post-World Cup era after the early end in Russia?

On Thursday, the DFB-Elf was still hit on World Cup France, now is already the next international match imminent. The opponent: the Peruvians. While the Germans in the first game after the embarrassing World Cup out promising approaches, the South Americans revealed against Holland basically the same problems as in Russia.

Football Betting Tips Germany vs Peru

Against the Peruvians Germany is clearly the favored nation – which should not be surprising. The DFB-Elf is nominally better positioned, has the much more experienced team and was able to gain confidence against France. Moreover, the Peruvians can be classified as an opponent, which should be the German team: Attacking set – and thus defensive not always complete.

In this respect, a German victory against a domestic backdrop seems more than realistic. Only in the exploitation of opportunities, it could hapern as against the French. However, as the Peruvians are likely to offer more space for dangerous actions, the number of chances to score will rise – and thus the chance to score. The bottom line is to be looked with confidence on the second test after the disaster World Cup from the German perspective. Result technically, the turnaround should succeed.


The last three results: 0: 0 vs. 0. France, 0: 2 vs. South Korea, 2: 1 vs. Sweden

Regarding Germany’s zero number last Friday against France, there are several interpretive patterns: from the “successful new beginning” to “lack of wit” to the “disappointing result”, all the schemes were represented medially – an indication of the range of sports that the team plays only 90 minutes had covered.

First there was the restrained kick-off, actually the entire first half, in which there was little chance, because both sides were defensively well organized. Threatened the German goal but once danger, so Manuel Neuer was on the spot – especially in France’s best chances by Giroud and Griezmann, while Rüdiger the DFB lead after a corner came closest.

Then there was the initial phase of the second half, from a German point of view probably the most critical phase. Cleverly set pinpricks of the French made several times for danger, Neuer rescued partly in great distress, thus preventing the backlog – also defense boss Hummels gave here and there the firefighter.

And finally there came the final phase, dominated by Germany and playfully very convincing. Reus, Müller, Hummels, Werner, … Chances were there, but even the top-class among them could not turn the DFB players into a goal. It remained at 0: 0 that – as I said – can be judged differently depending on the perspective. One thing is for certain: after some desperate performances at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the team was much stronger, even more equal than in the last test with the French (2: 2) at the end of 2017. Tactically, there could be no question of a fresh start or great changes, but just now That’s why it turned out that the challenges for Jogi Löw are above all in the mental area – and less in the playful or even personal.

Possible lineup Germany

Against France, Jogi Löw offered a starter with many established and few surprises – against Peru could reverse this situation. Finally, the coach announced in a playful and (!) Personally far-reaching changes – of which so far was little to see. One possible formation:

Ter Stegen – Kehrer, Süle, Tah, Kimmich – Kroos, Goretzka, Gündogan – Sané, Werner, Draxler


The last three results: 1: 2 vs. Netherlands, 2: 0 vs. Australia, 0: 1 vs. France

The neutral spectator may have suffered at the recent World Cup with the Peruvians. Namely, the South Americans were among the few so-called “outsiders” who broke with the holy mantra of the underdog, which reads: All men in the back and see what happens.

The Peruvians did not feel connected to this concept; the team had already managed to qualify for the World Cup thanks to their fluid offensive. Therefore nothing changed in the system in Russia. But probably the results.

To kick off the team played the Danes, as if they were an A-youth. Powerplay-like sequences lined up almost seamlessly, great opportunity followed by great opportunity. But after 90 minutes, the winner was Denmark.

Similarly, albeit more evenly balanced, the second match day went against France. The Peruvians offered the clear favorite impressive forehead, were in places again clearly game-defining. But as against Denmark was the opponent at the end of the one, Peru at zero. Two games, two defeats, for the Peruvians, the tournament was thus already finished, before it had really begun – and despite playful sizable performances.

In the meantime, about six weeks have passed since leaving the country, but the Peruvian problem continues to be topical. Also the recent test against the Netherlands lost the South Americans, again the bankruptcy would have been avoidable. As usual, there was a lack of opportunity utilization on the one hand and the avoidance of opportunities on the other.

The hopes are therefore not too great before the game against Germany, threatening the fourth defeat in the past five internationals. The scenario could only be avoided if the team manages to defeat its own stigma for at least 90 minutes.

Possible lineup Peru

Peru coach Ricardo Gareca will play against Germany’s most powerful team – after all, it’s about their own self-confidence. When the match starts, the following players are expected to be on the pitch:

Gallese, Truaco, Santamaria, Ramos, Loyola – Pena, Cueva, Carillo – Anra ,. Advincula, Farfan

Betting Tips: victory for Germany handicap -1
Odds: 1.60