Hannover vs. Nuremberg Football Predictions 09/02/2019

To speak of an endgame on Matchday 21 is really a bit exaggerated. But the meeting on Saturday in the HDI Arena of Hannover has already the character of an endgame. The term six-point game, which is usually used in these basement duels, is too harmless formulated in the dramatic position of the two clubs table. With eleven and twelve points, the clubs ranked knocked off at the bottom of the Bundesliga. The relegation place 16 is still within reach. There is currently the VfB Stuttgart. Even the saving shore is not completely out of sight (Augsburg with 18 points to 15th place), but the Swabians are currently on the upswing. Apart from the three important points, the duel on Saturday between Hannover and Nuremberg is also decisive for morale in terms of a prediction, which makes a tip even harder. The explosiveness is great and the fight will be in the center of attention in Lower Saxony.

Today’s Football Prediction Hannover vs. Nuremberg

Thomas Doll wants to celebrate after the failed home premiere on the sideline of 96 his first sense of achievement at the new club. The club won a late point win against Werder Bremen last weekend and draws a bit of self-confidence. On the other hand, the Franks were then subject in the Cup during the week in Hamburg with a catastrophic performance. It is certainly not easy to correctly assess the odds between Hannover and Nuremberg and to find the best tip. The various influencing factors must be correctly assessed and proportioned. Finally, on Saturday then little things will be the deciding factor, who leaves the place as the winner and enters the vital three counters. As a favorite, the bookmakers are traded the hosts from Lower Saxony. On Saturday at 15:30 clock will show whether the charges of Thomas Doll are the fair.

Hannover – Statistics & Current Form

Andre Breitenreiter has really tried everything to turn the rudder at 96. However, when even the prolonged winter preparation after two games in 2019 fizzled, the club had almost nothing left but to set a new impulse. With Thomas Doll, an old acquaintance returns to the Bundesliga, who recently celebrated a debut against Leipzig, which he did not hope for. Not only the result against the bulls was sobering (0: 3), but in particular the way of the performance of the 96er. “Inferior in all respects” hits the nail on the head. Doll now had a training week to get to know his players better and to prepare for the immensely important relegation battle with the club. “Everyone’s up for rocking the thing,” the coach said. Even in the 0: 3 against the Saxons Doll wanted to have seen positive approaches to his team. What else is left to him than trying to build his unsettled charges. If it should be something with a victory of Hannover against Nuremberg and a tip on the Lower Saxony at the given odds is an option, then the defense performance must be significantly improved. Michael Esser has been waiting since Matchday 2 to hold zero in a game at the back. This would also be an anniversary for 96th Because Hannover is so far in 199 games in the upper house without conceding.

At the keeper himself, the misery is the least. He is one of a few actors who are in normal form. Against Werder and Leipzig, he has his team even saved from higher bankruptcies. In addition to the major defense problems, the construction site is not smaller in the offensive. The injuries of Ihlas Bebou and Niklas Füllkrug weigh heavily and the two superstars simply can not be adequately replaced. Various tactical and personal constellations have already been tested. After neither Wood nor Jonathas could convince in attack, on Saturday Niklas Weydandt may again be the first choice. In addition, Genki Haraguchi returns to the team after successfully contested Asia Cup. The Japanese should bring some positive energy and new momentum. Pirmin Schwegler, one of the pillars in the game of the 96er, must serve in this relegation thriller just a yellow-lock. That’s why Doll has to rebuild at headquarters and Marvin Bakalorz is likely to be the first alternative in the vacant position. There are problems at every turn. The advantage of the 96er is that the opponent from the Franconia is not better and home now has the chance to provide a turning point for the better. Should it be nothing with a threesome on Saturday, then also with the fans the belief in the league will slowly disappear.

Expected formation of Hannover:
Esser basket, Akpoguma, Anton, Albornoz – Bakalorz, Walace, Müller, Haraguchi – Wood, Jonathas

Last matches from Hannover:

  • 01.02.2019 – Hannover vs. RB Leipzig 0: 3 (Bundesliga)
    26.01.2019 – Dortmund vs. Hannover 5: 1 (Bundesliga)
    19.01.2019 – Hannover vs. Werder Bremen 0: 1 (Bundesliga)
    09.01.2019 – SV Zulte-Waregem vs. Hannover 3: 3 (Friendlies)
    06.01.2019 – Hannover vs. NEC Nijmegen 0: 0 (friendlies)

Nuremberg – Statistics & Current Form

The many (negative) similarities between Hanover and Nuremberg have already been mentioned, but for a tip or at least a good prediction, the differences are especially crucial. There are three main differences, the most striking of which are the ones that strike one. The FCN holds (so far) on coach Michael Köllner and gives him the public unrestricted trust. Despite the misery of far more than ten games without a win, the reasons should not be sought from the coach, who still has enough “fire and passion” attested. A change on the coaching bank only appears possible if Köllner himself would throw in the towel. Even then it does not look right now. The draw on the last match against Bremen was a small but important step forward. At least one point win after previously six defeats in series could be booked. Mikael Ishak, one of the rising heroes, stood as a joker just before the end of the game and secured the draw. During the week, the cup match in Hamburg was on the program and even before the duel at the Hanseatic League, the question was whether the club would take this game 100% seriously before the important match against Hannover. Of course, everyone answered the question in the affirmative – that’s clear. If the performance in the Hanseatic city is considered, these statements can not necessarily be believed.

17: 1 shots on goal, 5: 0 shots on goal and 6: 0 corners for the HSV speak a more than clear language. In other words – if the charges of Michael Köllner have really put everything in the balance, then you have to worry about the club. Although the HSV leaders in the lower house, it was humiliating how Nuremberg was played over 90 minutes by a second division on the wall. The second major difference is therefore exactly this appearance in the Cup of the first knockout round, which is very difficult to assess. Last but not least, it is important to take a look at the staff situation, which is not as bad for the guests as it is for Hannover. Nevertheless, there is one or the other problem child for Michael Köllner. Georg Margreitter is out with muscular problems, Ondrej Petrak has to be replaced after his fifth yellow box. At least with Tim Leibold it looks good after his concussion and he will probably be able to play from the beginning. Returning to the squad is also Robert Bauer, who represents an additional option on the defensive wing. With Patrick Erras and young Simon Rhein, two players in the head office are pushing into the starting lineup. Similar to the 96s, Nuremberg will not be decisive for the line-up, but the attitude.

Expected formation of Nuremberg:
Mathenia – Valentini, Mühl, Ewerton, Leibold – Lions, Behrens, Palacios, Misidjan – Matheus Pereira, Zrelak

Last matches of Nuremberg:

  • 05.02.2019 – HSV vs. Nuremberg 1: 0 (DFB Cup)
    02.02.2019 – Nuremberg vs. Werder Bremen 1: 1 (Bundesliga)
    26.01.2019 – Mainz vs. Nuremberg 2: 1 (Bundesliga)
    20.01.2019 – Nuremberg vs. Hertha 1: 3 (Bundesliga)
    07.01.2019 – Nuremberg vs. PEC Zwolle 1: 1 (friendlies)

Hannover vs. Nuremberg Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

37 Bundesliga duels have so far taken place in total between these two clubs. Not once has an encounter between Hannover and Nuremberg scoreless, which does not necessarily speak for the tip on sub-goals. However, the current precarious situation of clubs is hardly comparable to other games. For the club makes the first leg hope, which was won at home in the Max Morlock Stadium 2-0. An own goal from Waldemar Anton and the subsequent 2: 0 by Törless Knoll made in this game for the decision. However, Miiko Albornoz also made a significant contribution to the home win, earning a red card in the first half and thus doing his team a disservice.

Hannover vs Nürnberg Our Betting Prediction

There are between Hanover and Nuremberg both for a tip on the hosts arguments as well as for a prediction in the direction of guests. Hannover has a new coach who was able to prepare his team for the first time for a week and bring new momentum. In addition, the 96 have the home advantage in the HDI Arena and they did not have to go in the Cup during the week. The club, on the other hand, was able to regain a bit of self-confidence with the point win against Werder and will enter the field with a good feeling from the 2-0 win from the first leg on Saturday. In addition, the Franks are not as badly plagued by injuries and barriers as the home side. To commit oneself to a winner in this pairing seems like a game of chance, which is why at the duel Hannover vs. Nuremberg a tip due to higher odds, if any, in the direction of the guests makes sense.

Key Facts – Hannover vs. Nuremberg tips

Both teams have been waiting for a win for nine games and want the turnaround on Saturday
There are personnel problems on both sides, but especially 96 is badly shaken
The weak appearance of the club in the Cup has the self-confidence of the draw against Werder again disappear

Much better, however, are the prospects for a tip on sub-goals. Regardless of the outcome of the game, it is unlikely that viewers will be pampered with a football game. With 17 and 18 goals respectively, the two clubs (together with VfB) are the weakest teams on the offensive, which underpins the prediction of a scoreless game between Hannover vs Nuremberg. More than two goals are unlikely in the course of the 90 minutes and despite already slightly lower betting odds, a tip can still be concluded profitably at the moment.

Prediction of the Day: Under 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.87