Inter Milan vs Chievo Amazing betting tips 13/05/2019

Inter Milan vs Chievo Football Betting Tips of the Day

Inter Milan, who are currently fourth in the Italian league with 63 points, receive the Serie A red flashlight at the Giuseppe Meazza stadium in Milan, with only 15 points won in 35 rounds .

Inter Milan, already seen during this round 36 of the Italian league, the Atalanta to occupy the 3rd place of the table with 2 more points. Even though still in place to access the next Champions League, have their rivals the city of Milan, AC Milan only 1 point away.

The formation of Luciano Spalletti does not cross the best of the moments, since he comes from 3 days without winning (3 draws, of note that 2 of them went before Roma and Juventus), and also does not lose any encounter for 6 days.

Acting before its public, Inter presents a very bad recent record, with 5 games without winning – 3 draws and 2 losses.

Chievo has already had a long-awaited future, the return to Serie B of Italian football. The Verona team has 1 victory in their last 16 matches, a victory against Lazio in Rome, where they have been playing almost 1 hour in numerical superiority.

To get a sense of the poor performance of this team, in 35 days only managed to conquer the 3 points for 2 occasions, having drawn 12 games and lost 21 games.

Curiously, out of doors, “only” is the third worst record in the league with 1 win, 6 draws and 10 losses in 17 already made, and comes from that already mentioned victory against Lázio, 1st and only achieved out of doors.

Our Betting Tips Analyzed Inter Milan vs Chievo

For this meeting, I predict a one-way game. Inter will take full charge of the game against a weak Chievo side who will only try to reach the opposing goal on a counterattack.

But I’m not expecting a confrontation with many goals, because the home team during their games at Giuseppe Meazza is a very pragmatic team and when you see winning the games, it rarely dismounts to go after a bigger result and quiet.

It should be noted that the average goal per game of Inter in the visited condition is only 1.9 goals, where only in 2 matches in 17 held, were scored 4 or more goals. Included in the last 6 matches in Milan, the maximum number of goals scored was 2.

In short, victory without much difficulty on the part of the men of the house, but as it has been apanage, with more control of the game than desire to thrash.

Betting Tips: Inter wins and is under 3.5 goals
Odds: 2.08