Kuwait vs Australia Free Betting Tips 10/09/2019

The upcoming World Cup, the controversial 2022 tournament in Qatar, is already casting its shadow. In Asia, the second qualifying round for the title fights will take place in three years’ time.

Of course, this qualification is bundled with the hunt for the tickets for the Asian Cup 2023 in China. At this point we are looking at a team that we expect in three years at the World Cup, namely the Socceroos from Australia. These will arrive on Tuesday in their Group B opening match in Kuwait.

Kuwait vs Australia Today’s Betting Tips

The first two teams of the eight groups of five move into the next round. Australia is the big favorite for the group win. It is expected that Kuwait and Jordan will be in second place. Taiwan, which starts as Chinese Taipei, and Nepal are likely to start the race hopelessly.

The Kuwaitis are already in a 7-0 victory against Nepal on the account, while Australia intervenes on Tuesday for the first time in the action. Without going too much into the analysis, in the match between Kuwait and Australia, a prediction for an away win should be relatively clear. Especially in the Arab world, however, the Socceroos are often very difficult.

For the home side would be a counter against the big favorites a bonus point on the way to the third qualifying round. Therefore, this encounter has a very great significance for Kuwaitis. At least one counter should be brought before the public. Maybe it makes sense to give a tip on a division of points in the duel between Kuwait and Australia.

In terms of quality, however, there is much to be said for the success of the guests, who, however, are completing their first game of the new season and have no clues as to what the current constitution looks like.

Kuwait – Statistics & Current Form

Due to the interference of politics in the footballing affairs, Kuwait was excluded from the 2018 World Cup and the 2019 Asian Cup. Only now was the national football association amnestied and may participate in the qualification for the World Cup 2022.

Once, in 1982, the Kuwaitis were allowed to hand over their business card on the world stage of international football. That it can work again this year after 40 years of abstinence seems almost impossible. Because Qatar is hosting the upcoming World Cup, there are only four more slots and a half in the intercontinental playoffs.

Before the match between Kuwait and Australia, we would not be playing any odds related to a successful Blue Wave qualification. Overall, however, there was an upturn in the last week.

Among others, Saudi Arabia was defeated at the West Asian Championships. Thus, Kuwait has lost only one of the last four games. Whether this delicate plant will continue to blossom on Tuesday against the Socceroos, has yet to show.

After all, it was very good last Thursday, when they defeated Nepal at the start of the group stage with 7: 0. Fahad Al Hajeri, Rehda Abujabarah, Husain Al Mosawi, Abudllah Mawi, captain Bader Al Mutwa and Yousef Naser Al Sulaiman with a brace were the Kuwaiti scorers in a one-sided game.

The Croatian coach Romeo Jozak was then very happy with the performance of his team.

“We are very happy that we started the qualification with the 7: 0. We will try everything to match against Australia. ” – Romeo Jozak

Of course he knows that the game on Tuesday against Australia can hardly be compared to a game against Nepal. What the coach has seen in the 7-0 win, he wants to see at least gradually transferred to the upcoming match.

Whether there will be significant personnel changes in the composition of Kuwaitis is very difficult to assess. There are no reports of injuries and there are no barriers at the early stage of the qualification. In addition, there are many players in the squad who are largely unknown here in Central Europe.

Expected formation of Kuwait:
➟ Abdulghafoor – Al Harbi, Al Hajeri, Al Reshidi – Al Dhufairi, Al Enezi, Al Faneeni, Mawi – Al Harbi, Al Mutwa, Al Sulaiman
➟ Coach: Jozak

Last matches from Kuwait:

⚽️ 05.09.2019 – Kuwait vs. Nepal 7: 0 (World Cup qualification Asia)
⚽️ 10.08.2019 – Kuwait vs. Bahrain 0: 1 (West Asian Championship)
⚽️ 07.08.2019 – Kuwait Vs. Jordan 1: 1 (West Asian Championship)
⚽️ 04.08.2019 – Saudi Arabia Vs. Kuwait 1: 2 (West Asian Championship)
⚽️ 16.07.2019 – Maidenhead United Vs. Kuwait 1: 0 (Hybrid Friendlies)

Australia – Statistics & Current Form

The Australians are a bit at the crossroads right now. Tom Cahill was basically the last player in a large generation of players who has since withdrawn. Now it will show where the journey is going, especially with Graham Arnold, who apparently has not yet fully managed to follow in the footsteps of Ange Postecoglou.

At the Asian Cup, the Australians were already very surprisingly eliminated in the quarter-finals, after they had prevailed a round previously only with a brace against Uzbekistan on penalties. The new coach has not really been able to form a new unit that can continue to be at the helm of the Asian Football Association.

Therefore, we are not sure whether we are in the match between Kuwait and Australia with a prediction for a victory of the Socceroos really. After all, Australia has not won in the last three internationals in normal time. However, the opponents with Uzbekistan, the Emirates and South Korea should have been stronger than the Kuwaitis.

The Australians last played a test match in June, losing 1-0 to South Korea 1-0. However, the Socceroos had many supplementary players on the pitch, who are otherwise not likely to count to the trunk. Nevertheless, this game has revealed again that the team from Down Under is not yet back where it wants to be.

Coach Graham Arnold hopes his team will take a step into development on Tuesday.

“We expect a very compact opponent, because historically, teams from the Middle East play defensively against Australia, even if they play at home.” – Graham Arnold

It will be important to find space against a low-lying opponent, because the Australian coach makes it clear that the Arab teams are almost traditionally always very defensive against the Australians compete.

The Socceroos will not play in full on Tuesday. Tom Rogic, Bailey Wright and Chris Ikonomidis have not even been nominated for lack of fitness. In addition, Captain Mark Milligan had to be canceled because of short-term injury. Thus, some leaders are missing, which usually give the direction of the Australians.

Expected lineup of Australia:
➟ Ryan – Behich, Degenek, Sainsbury, Grant – Mooy, Irvine, Goodwin, Amini, Luongo – Leckie
➟ Coach: Arnold

Last matches of Australia:

⚽️ 07.06.2019 – South Korea vs Australia 1: 0 (International Friendlies)
⚽️ 25.01.2019 – United Arab Emirates Vs. Australia 1-0 (Asia Cup)
⚽️ 21.01.2019 – Australia vs Uzbekistan 4: 2 n.E. (Asia Cup)
⚽️ 15.01.2019 – Australia vs. Syria 3: 2 (Asia Cup)
⚽️ 11.01.2019 – Palestine Vs. Australia 0: 3 (Asia Cup)

Kuwait vs Australia Direct Comparison

To date, the national teams from Kuwait and Australia faced each other in a total of twelve games. The direct comparison is completely balanced with two draws and five wins in each case. In the last few years, however, it was over with the eye level, because in the last two games, in 2015 at the Asian Cup and 2018 in a test match, there was a lot of clapping for the Kuwaitis.

On the spot, where both teams now meet for the qualifier, they faced each other almost a year ago in a test. With an own goal by Khaled Hajiah and the goals of Apostolos Giannou, Tom Rogic and Awer Mabil the Socceroos won clearly 4-0. It should not be that easy on Tuesday.

Kuwait vs Australia Best Betting Tips and Odds Explained

For the Kuwaiti, the second victory would be a perfect start to the World Cup qualification. However, we must not overvalue the 7-0 victory against the internationally better-third or fourth-rate Nepalese. As a result, Kuwait did not have a true location assessment. Australia has even waived a test match in the run-up to the World Cup qualification. Whether that was wise will be shown.

The Socceroos are missing some important players and already the Asian Cup has shown that the climate in the Middle East does not seem to be really beneficial for the Australians. Therefore, we can imagine that in the match between Kuwait and Australia we will place a tip on a point win of the home side.

Key Facts – Kuwait vs Australia tips

🔴 Of the last four internationals, Kuwait lost only one.
🔴 The Australians have been waiting for a win after 90 minutes for three matches.
🔴 In a direct comparison, both teams are equal.

This means that we expect another appearance of the guests, who is not necessarily worthy of a World Cup driver. Kuwait, on the other hand, will backfire and do anything to keep from losing that match. Although the Kuwaitis have recently picked up tough slaps against the Socceroos, we put our bet on the betting odds for a draw in the duel between Kuwait and Australia, but remain rather narrow in use.


Betting Tip: Draw (X)
Odds: 4.65