Worst year ever betting - 2020

Worst year ever betting – 2020

As I have heard, the world as we knew it has changed, nothing will be as it was before, and it will take a long time to return to “normal”.

Worst year ever betting – 2020

Fault? Of course we already know, Coronavirus (Covid-19) words that we will never forget, and once again, it has changed our paradigm in life and, of course, in betting. It is not only people who will resent this situation, football about sport in general will feel the stops of the championships a lot.

Nobody knows and nobody risks dates for their beginnings or what will happen with the postponed competitions, and we include Euro 2020 here. Portugal risks being the European Champion in title for more years, of course due to the worst news.

It seemed that I was guessing, of course not on this magnitude, that this year 2020 would be our worst year in betting, and apparently I was not mistaken. First, because the odds the lines the houses were more Sharp’s the attack on our pocket was being bigger than normal.

Big change in alignment, we went month after month to see our “market” changing dramatically

The options are few and the Portuguese market, even with an offer, is not the best option with those who earn money from it, I speak at the level of those who bet professionally as those who live on the RS (s) of the bookmakers or even the CPA ( s).

The sites, the Facebook groups who live indirectly or directly from this will suffer from this, and now even more with the stoppage of the championships. The houses will not have games to offer, and I believe that the betting of the houses will focus on fantasy games, casino or other type of bets that we call “virtual”.

The “scam” will be tough and I believe that at this stage even the bookmakers are thinking about what to do and how to do it. In fact, I do not believe that the crowd, which is growing in size throughout Europe, will continue to make deposits at bookmakers because it is expected that people may need the money for later. But this is all a “suppose”.

This article is like a shampoo and conditioner, two in one, talking about the current moment in European countries, betting and its market, but also looking at or offering different options and prepare us for what is coming!

The advice I can give you all is that we can always enjoy this break, small or large, it will depend, to go back to school, to read again. Picking up the betting articles, looking for more information that makes us better able to face the bookmakers.

Do an exhaustive study of our registration, look for errors in analysis or understanding of the market or even check how we are up to this moment. Think, change what’s wrong, or simply evaluate our betting method and try to extract and make the most of the time we have without big things to bet.

I strongly advise you not to bet just because yes, try to follow some more experienced bettors, especially the Live (s) of some Tipster, because with the lack of Know How of the competitions that still take place, the best option is to be watching the game “in loco ”.

The moment is complicated, but we always have to look at the part of the glass that is half full and not half empty. Study, read, and enjoy that most of the more experienced punters are also standing still and questioning them and approaching the betting community for questions you have the most doubts about.

Take advantage of the time of those who know more or better adapt and of course take the opportunity to also spend time with the same people who walk in this world and who spend exactly the same as you are going through.

Complicated moments are lived and will be lived, I am not very alarmist, but I am worried, and therefore I think that we can spend some time without sports until this situation normalizes and that everything slowly returns to normal.

Even after that, we will have to go slow ourselves to understand how it will start, and with what tools we will have to find out how the players will be at that time and what they have been through.

Well until then we will be here to follow case by case and be aware of what we can and should take into account for the resumption of bets, let’s say bet again! Today we are in a phase of uncertainty, of living day to day, always attentive to what is going on, here and in the world, and I believe it will be like this for some time. As I said earlier, at the beginning of this article, the world that we knew will certainly change.

The bets will also change, I believe that at the start of the championships, the betting sites as well as the bettors will be “hungry for the ball” and basically are eager to hit the “trigger” again.

So this stop can serve a lot, and one thing that came to my mind, when I saw the leagues being postponed, was, control. We are going to spend some time without betting with the same guidelines that we did, this can help us in our emotional control. Many will also focus more on their families, which on the one hand can be beneficial in emotional and family management!

Taking the opportunity to reflect on these two pillars with a “forced pause” in betting, may for many even be beneficial in some way

I believe that after a less good experience or going through this epidemic, we will come out stronger, and we will be more capable, to bet with more quality and know how to have more control in what we do.

This time will also serve to value and above all to do that time management that we should have for the family and for betting. Of course I had to talk, or rather write about it, take care of respiratory etiquette, stay away from crowds of people, avoid leaving the house. This is serious, do not think that it only happens to others, this can be everywhere, protecting yourself, protecting your own and your community.

Television alerts are constant, and they have no excuse for not knowing what to do and how to do it. All the time he goes back to what to do and how to do it at home, and what to do in cases of suspicion etc, etc.

Do not want to appear in those photos, as it appears on social networks at night in bars, or on the beaches, do not be the protagonists of a greater disaster than it already is! Help your community, the older neighbors, those who are most at risk of getting this infection, and protect and protect them too.

Do not hoard, toilet papers, or too much food, you will not need to do so. The fuels will not run out nor the food will run out, if we do not have rice we will have pasta, and slowly and calmly everything will be replaced.

I worry about why there is so much toilet paper, and I think that you should be the only one to have a bidet at home or a bathtub or running water. Anyway, I come to the conclusion that when I see the performance of these young people who do not spend a night without going out to have a drink, of the two three, they do not know or value their neighbor, or else they have a severe problem with alcohol. Or else they have claustrophobia problems, or some will have personality disorders, anyway!

The current moment belongs to everyone, do not leave home without having a good reason to do so, do not be in crowds of people and use and abuse the respiratory etiquette as well as washing your hands well.

Today we are all contributing to everyone, if everyone plays their part, I am sure that we will go through this tough battle that lies ahead. The bets as we always know, even with more or less difficulty, will come back, the competitions too, and we risk being better prepared taking advantage of this forced break by Covid-19.

A complicated moment for everyone, players, teams, leagues and bookmakers and all those who live in this environment, but if we help everyone, it can be quick and we can overcome this all together.

Friends and betting buddies, together we will overcome this enemy that we do not see, but that brings us many concerns and there is our family. We will help each other, we will study, we will be closer to our community and overcome this “hidden” enemy.

Take cover, take care of us, and follow the directions, and please don’t be silly, don’t help the enemy. This time our “enemy” is not a bookmaker that gives us odds with some margins, but an enemy that leaves us with very few odds, right?