Crisis leads Juventus to consider selling Cristiano Ronaldo

Crisis leads Juventus to consider selling Cristiano Ronaldo

The Italian newspaper ‘Il Messagero’ says that Juventus are in real financial trouble these days, taking into account the stoppage in football competitions and the hole that this caused in the club’s accounts. Now, it is said that management is pondering the future of its star and the best-paying active.

Selling the player on the table?

It is a little ironic that in times of crisis, clubs like not looking at ways to maintain their sustainability, and if Juventus moves on to sell Cristiano Ronaldo, that will be another example.

In fact, Cristiano has had an excellent second season with the shirt of ‘Vecchia Signora’ carrying the team on his back on several occasions, however, it is equally real that the Portuguese clearly earns the highest salary in the club. At the moment, CR7 earns something like 30 million euros net annually, which adds a lot of financial effort on the part of the club and, even considering that the Madeiran player will lower his salary in the coming months as a way to help the club and show the their solidarity, the truth is that the club will still be able to consider selling it.

According to the same newspaper, Andrea Agnelli and the rest of the management will have put three hypotheses on the table, one of which is the sale of the Portuguese international for a value of around 70 million euros, which would allow for a considerable investment in addition to an important relief in the But not all clubs in the world will have the financial resources in times of crisis to invest 70 million euros in a 35-year-old player who earns the second highest salary on the planet, just behind Lionel Messi at Barcelona.

At the moment, and still according to the same newspaper, Real Madrid would be the club that could best absorb Cristiano’s entry into his midst considering his financial strength and the fact that the player has missed the Santiago Bernabeu a lot. Of course, this is all speculation in turbulent days. In any case, with the prospect that this worldwide pandemic may last for some time to come, other clubs are likely to start considering these types of options in the near future.

Renew or expire contract?

According to the ‘Il Messagero’ article, the Torino club management has three chances on the table by Cristiano Ronaldo. In addition to the possibility of transferring the player, Juventus may also let his contract expiring in 2022 at a time when the player will be 37 years old and simply let him go after another year and a half of football at the highest level .

The other hypothesis, and perhaps more logical, may involve an agreement to extend Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract for another year – until 2023 – by means of an immediate salary reduction. This would safeguard the sustainability of the club, which would not have a huge annual expense with its star, and at the same time would give a signal to the player that the club does not want to get rid of him at this stage.

In an advanced stage of his career, perhaps a new club change was not the best move for CR7, who even seemed to be in good shape and getting better and better with the Italian team. The stability of the Transalpine club, as well as the proximity of Euro 2020 and the World Cup in consecutive years, could lead Ronaldo to remain in Italy, possibly even lowering his salary, especially in times of crisis.

Crisis Moment

In any case, it will always be important to note that the Portuguese player left Real Madrid precisely because of differences in a contract renewal with President Florentino Pérez who did not want to make an effort for the player.

Ronaldo has already proven to give a lot of value to those who value him and his arrival at Juventus was almost a retribution for the applause that fans of the Italian club gave him during his fabulous bicycle goal. Thus, Ronaldo may not find much fun in a low salary , although the times of crisis ahead may also make you aware that such a decision was only made for that reason.

For now, all this is just media speculation, but it is legitimate that many clubs are considering their options in relation to the highest paid players in their squads, after all, times are hard and the most important thing is to survive this especially troubled phase. of football history.