Sports betting today - live sports and esports betting updated daily

Sports betting today – live sports and esports betting updated daily

Which sports are still taking place live? Where can you find eSports betting? Which leagues are held online? Are there any other events you can bet on? Where are live streams offered?

You can find answers to these questions here.

Live sports betting

Almost all events around the world have been canceled or put on hold. There are only a few exceptions.

Football betting

All relevant national leagues are suspended. This also applies to the Europa League, Champions League and the national cup competitions.

Belgium officially stopped the football season and declared Bruges champions.

The UEFA European Football Championship is postponed. A date has not been set.


Belarus is still trying to defy the virus. Here is actually still played in the reserve league.

Handball betting

The German Handball Bundesliga is interrupted. An admission date for the rest of the season has not yet been fixed.

Basketball betting

Both the NBA and the BBL are interrupted. A date for the resumption of play has not yet been set.

Ice hockey betting

DEL, DEL2 and NHL take a break. Dates for the end of the break have not yet been determined.

Tennis betting

All international tournaments are currently being canceled. This also applies to this year’s tournament in Wimbledon. The French Open should be rescheduled in autumn.

Formula 1 betting

Motorsport is also interrupted worldwide. Several Formula 1 races have already been canceled. It is not yet clear whether the season will be canceled completely.

Table tennis betting

This game operation is currently paralyzed.

Exception: In the Czech Republic, Russia and some areas of Asia, games are still being played. The provider shows the changes in betting odds in real time after each ball change – that’s exciting and spectacular.

Other popular betting sports

The following live sports events are also canceled: winter sports (downhill, biathlon, ski jumping, cross-country skiing) darts, golf, snooker, horse racing, greyhound racing, rugby.

Rise of eSports

Esports betting is now the most popular betting sport alongside online poker and online casinos. All major betting providers offer round-the-clock individual matches and tournaments that you can bet on. Many national sizes of the individual games are active, so you will quickly recognize some of the player names.

The main games that currently dominate the betting community are FIFA 2020, Dota 2, Counterstrike; General Offensive (CS: GO), League of Legends and Overwatch.

With the major betting providers, you can stream and follow the games live, so you can also bet live during the games.

Sports live streams

These live sporting events are currently limited to a few individual events – such as football in Belarus and table tennis – but as soon as there are more live events.

Virtual sports streams

For the short bet in between: Many betting providers produce their own digital sports events. Whether football, motorsport, horse and dog races, darts, American football or basketball – you can constantly follow each of these sports.

“Real” sports are recreated for virtual sports. New events take place every three to five minutes. Ideal for spending a few minutes or getting a little distracted.