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Chief Dorne: We are ready for any scenario. Even the blackest

Just over a month ago, when the coronavirus pandemic was just developing around the world, Carmelo Ezpeleta wanted to explain that the motorcycle season was in no way in doubt and that all races would be put under the roof. After a series of cancellations and a more sober view of the situation around the world.

The Coronavirus Pandemic postponed two more motorcycle World Championship races for the grand prize. The Italian GP, ​​scheduled for May 29-31 in Mugello, and the Catalonia GP scheduled for June 5-7 in Montemel, have been postponed and are looking for a new date, organizers said. As well as no date yet for the French and Spanish GPs.

The victory of the newcomer among the elite of Alex Marquez in the historic first virtual race was viewed by three million users through social networks alone. As added by Dorna, this is a record viewership of any e-sport globally.

“We are monitoring the situation for the new coronavirus all the time and of course adjusting accordingly. New dates, both for those races as well as those that have been postponed some time ago – the French Grand Prix in Le Mans and the Grand Prix of Spain in Jerez – are not yet known. now we do not know when or if we will be able to get them out. When the new motoGP competition calendar is ready, we will announce it, “an official message from the umbrella motorcycle organization reads. The first four GP races in the 2020 season have already been canceled (only the motoGP category was dropped in Qatar’s opening race) or postponed to a later date. In addition to GP Qatar, GPs of Thailand and GPs of the Americas and Argentina in all classes. In order to postpone these races, the organizers had to extend the season until the end of November. It is now the next race on the German GP calendar, scheduled for June 21 in Sachsenring. But obviously the situation regarding the performance of the motorcycle season is very questionable, this opinion was shared by Cornere Dello Sport boss Dorne Carmelo Ezpeleta.

A little over a month ago, the Spaniard strongly argued that the season is not in question, that they will put all the races under the roof, that … An experienced man has a little lessened his optimism. “Until we have the right anti-weapons for the virus, it will be very difficult or impossible to organize races.”

The motorcycle season has already begun for both weaker classes – moto2 and moto3 – with the Qatar Grand Prix. In Moto2, Tetsuta Nagashima of Japan was celebrated, and the first was Albert Arenas of Spain.

Ezpeleta believes that organizing motorcycle competitions is too much to handle in an “adventurous” way. “Even if life slowly normalizes, the situation will continue to be demanding and unpredictable. Especially with regard to travel, which is of course a great logistical stock for all teams already, and in this situation that has affected the whole world, these things will be almost impossible. properly organized, “Ezpeleta believes. “It will be similar, I am sure, with football matches. I do not imagine that fans will be rubbed off at a football match in the near future. Similarly, I do not believe that we will be able to drop an army of motorcycle enthusiasts any time soon,” pessimism spreads. Ezpelet, who, unlike the words given to the global sports public at the beginning of March, is now very concerned and even has black scripts bothering him. Even the blackest, in his opinion, is realistic …

“The blackest scenario, of course, is that we will have to cancel the season. It would be a real disaster, but it’s not a completely unrealistic outcome,” said headless Dorne, who has a few milder forms of tackling the motorcycle season on his sleeve. “Of course, there is also the possibility of reducing the number of races. If we want the season to be under roof and the results are promising, then we have to put at least thirteen races under the roof.” Ezpeleta nevertheless offered brighter thoughts to end the exhaustive conversation. “We still have plenty of time. If it all started at least in June, then we could easily control the season. But of course, we could adjust the calendar. We could do a series of races in Europe and then move to Asia. But I repeat, everything speculation, motorcycling and sports are not the most important thing in the world at the moment. Let’s be responsible and listen to people who know how to behave and act in this very strange period for all of us. But let everyone be clear, the most important thing is human health , so we won’t rush into decisions. “