3.Liga betting tips and betting odds (matchday 33)

3.Liga betting tips and betting odds (matchday 33)

The betting tips for the current day of the 3rd division – also known as the most exciting league in Europe. Today in the analysis: the Ostduell Halle vs. Magdeburg, the chasing duel Haching vs. Waldhof and the Westduell leader Duisburg in Uerdingen.

The 3rd league – almost all teams in the final sprint mode

Six matchdays before the end, it is still really tight in the 3rd league both at the top of the table and in the relegation battle. In the promotion race, leaders MSV Duisburg and SpVgg Unterhaching in ninth place are separated by only seven points. After a trio in places ten to twelve – SV Meppen, KFC Uerdingen and 1. FC Kaiserslautern – the hot fight for relegation begins from 13th place with just three points between 1. FC Magdeburg and Chemnitzer FC the first relegation zone.

On the second relegation stage, Preussen Münster is only two points less and is therefore still in the race – probably different from the SG Sonnenhof Großaspach and the FC Carl Zeiss Jena, who was also mathematically relegated on Sunday.

We picked out three games from match day 33, that promise a lot of excitement.

Hallescher FC vs 1. FC Magdeburg Free Betting Tips

Date: Tuesday, June 16, 2020

With the threat of falling into fourth place in mind, Hallesche FC and 1. FC Magdeburg each decided last week to pull the rip cord for the second time this season. In Halle, Florian Schnorrenberg inherited Ismail Atalan, who was only signed up as Torsten Ziegner’s successor in February and seems to have found the track to success as the third coach of the season. After disastrous two points from the 13 games previously under Ziegner and Atalan, Schnorrenberg took a clear 3-0 win against SV Waldhof Mannheim, who had been unbeaten two years earlier, and won 3-2 at SV Meppen last Friday to. With this, the HFC has successfully returned to the saving bank, but there is still a long way to go to stay in the league.

This applies no less to 1. FC Magdeburg, who has just one point more than the HFC before the guest appearance in Halle. After Claus-Dieter Wollitz was still on Magdeburger Bank in the 1-3 defeat at Hansa Rostock on Tuesday, the coach who had just arrived at the beginning of the year for Stefan Krämer had to take his hat off again. For this, the former NLZ manager Thomas Hoßmang took command and apparently turned the right screws. Because against Viktoria Köln and thus a direct competitor in the relegation battle, an enormously important 2-0 home win was achieved in the first game after another coach change.

Because both teams show an upward trend, which of course still has to be confirmed, it is not easy to make a prediction. The bottom line is that we see the HFC and FCM largely at eye level, so a tie would be the logical result.

Betting Tips: draw
Odds: 3.25

SpVgg Unterhaching vs Waldhof Mannheim Free Betting Tips

Date: Wednesday, June 17th, 2020

With the SpVgg Unterhaching and Waldhof Mannheim, two teams meet that are still close to the ascent ranks, but whose trend is negative. After a 2-0 win at the restart in Großaspach, Unterhaching suffered three losses in a row and did not get past 3: 3 with relegation candidate FSV Zwickau on Sunday.

Waldhof Mannheim has long been the big positive surprise as a newcomer and even seemed able to march into the 2nd Bundesliga. With six points from three games, things went well after the Corona break, but then with a 0: 3 at Halle FC, a sensational series of cross-league and season-wide 32 away games in a row without defeat broke. And now Mannheim also drew 2: 3 at home against the second team of FC Bayern Munich on Sunday. The negative development at SVW is no coincidence, but is also closely related to enormous bad luck with injuries and a lot of failures.

In Unterhaching, Mannheim coach Bernhard Trares also has to improvise when trying to start a new away series. Nevertheless, we believe that the SV Waldhof in the Hachinger Sportpark will score with a SpVgg that is certainly not currently full of self-confidence – but not fully.

Betting Tips: draw
Odds: 3.50

KFC Uerdingen vs MSV Duisburg Free Betting Tips

Date: Wednesday, June 17th, 2020

With the 2-1 win at the re-start at Waldhof Mannheim, the KFC Uerdingen underlined its ambitions to advance, but was not able to add another win after three draws and one defeat. Even at the bottom, Carl Zeiss Jena, the Krefeld team had to be satisfied with a disappointing 0-0 on Sunday. Basically, there seems to be potential in the squad to attack at the top, but this season Uerdingen could not and rarely call it up.

With MSV Duisburg, the front-runner is now traveling to the West Duel, which has obviously found itself again after a phase of weakness. Before the Corona break, the zebras, who have been leading the table since matchday 14, then failed after a 2: 3 defeat at TSV 1860 Munich and 1: 1 at home against Jena. Duisburg then celebrated two wins against Chemnitz FC (2-1) and 1. FC Kaiserslautern (3-2) and now saved at least a 1-1 late against the aspiring Würzburg kickers on Saturday.

The morale at MSV is obviously right and the quality of Torsten Lieberknecht’s squad is undisputed anyway. In Uerdingen and Düsseldorf, where the KFC are playing their home games, we once again believe in things that can be counted for Duisburg, but which will only be won on a good day and with the necessary consequence.

Betting Tips: Double chance X2
Odds: 1.38

The other games of the 3rd league

FC Ingolstadt 04 vs Eintracht Braunschweig Free Betting Tips

Between the 2nd and 7th matchday of the 2019/20 season, these two teams took turns as leaders. Now the Schanzer are six points behind Braunschweig in sixth place and must absolutely win. But Eintracht is currently the best team in the league and scores one point.

Betting Tips: draw
Odds: 3.60

Chemnitz FC vs Preussen Munster Free Betting Tips

Both teams are on the bottom line, but only very narrowly. Chemnitz lost the last four games, while Münster caught five points during that time. The Prussians pass with a victory.

Betting Tips: away win
Odds: 3.40

Würzburger Kickers vs 1. FC Kaiserslautern Free Betting Tips

With a win, Würzburg could jump onto the relegation site. Kaiserslautern, on the other hand, has freed himself after a sprint and can play free. It pays off.

Betting Tips: away win
Odds: 3.40

Viktoria Köln vs 1860 Munich Free Betting Tips

Cologne was last miserable and lost four of the last five games. A point separates them from the descent. Fortunately, the chaos group from Munich now comes as an opponent of construction.

Betting Tips: home win
Odds: 3.10

Sonnenhof Großaspach vs FSV Zwickau Free Betting Tips

For the village club from Großaspach, the professional time is over for now. Preparations for the regional league are ongoing. In contrast, the FSV is now balancing two goals (!) Over the abyss. The Saxons come with a knife between their teeth and take three points.

Betting Tips: away win
Odds: 2.60

Bayern Munich II vs SV Meppen Free Betting Tips

Once again, the small club from the flat country shows a stable seasonal performance and is safely in the middle. At the moment, however, no herb has grown against the “small” Bavarians – neither is kale.

Betting Tips: Home win
Odds: 3.25

Hansa Rostock vs Carl Zeiss Jena Free Betting Tips

In the second east duel, fourth-placed Hansa Rostock meets relegated Carl-Zeiss Jena, who are well on their way to becoming the worst third-division team ever. Now that nothing is at stake, Jena was even able to steal a point from Duisburg. Nothing like that happens in Rostock.

Betting Tips: Home win handicap -2
Odds: 2.75

Who will be promoted to the 2nd Bundesliga?

Betting Tips: MSV Duisburg
Odds: 1.4
Betting Tips: Eintracht Braunschweig
Odds: 2.5
Betting Tips: Hansa Rostock
Odds: 3.0
Betting Tips: Würzburg Kickers
Odds: 3.25
Betting Tips: FC Ingolstadt
Odds: 3.5
Betting Tips: Waldhof Mannheim
Odds: 3.75
Betting Tips: 1860 Munich
Odds: 4.0
Betting Tips: SpVgg Unterhaching
Odds: 7.0
Betting Tips: SV Meppen
Odds: 21
Betting Tips: 1.FC Kaiserslautern
Odds: 51
Betting Tips: KFC Uerdingen
Odds: 51